In launching this project I had the help from many friends and family.  Thanks everyone for all of your efforts!

Lauren-Baker, Creator


Carol-Web Designer


How did this company come about?

I love to bake, and especially enjoy baking for holidays, when all our family and friends gather.  But special needs were popping up:  One cousin couldn’t eat wheat or white flour, another cousin couldn’t eat dairy, another cousin was vegan and my kids ate way too much sugar!  I wanted to have something sweet that everyone could enjoy for dessert, so I started experimenting with a cookie recipe.  Meanwhile, I cut out many of these “bad,” allergy-producing ingredients from my diet and noticed that I felt better and had significantly more energy.  The biggest change in my energy level was when I cut refined sugar out of my diet.  This is tough when you love cookies!!  I continued to refine my new cookie recipe and when friends came over, they started requesting the cookies and asking for cookies to bring home to their families.  Then I realized that EVERYONE would enjoy  cookies that are Good for you AND Taste Great – not just my family and friends – so I started City Girl Country Girl!

Why City Girl Country Girl?

City girls are sassy and sophisticated, country girls are wholesome and natural-and both are a part of me!  I love the energy of the city and the goodness of the country and I am not willing to compromise on either.  Just as I don’t want to compromise on what I eat -especially when it comes to a treat - I want one that tastes great AND is good for you.  That’s why I started baking my own cookies in the city-to taste like the country - with the taste and healthfulness that combines the best of both!  That’s City Girl Country Girl.  Every time friends taste these cookies, they beg me for more!  Now you can have them too!

What people are saying...

“They taste wholesome and healthy, they make me feel good and I don’t feel guilty eating them.  I also love giving them to my kids.”   Occupational Therapist, Mom, Carol Mondschein, Greenwich, CT

“They’re great, I really love them!” Chef, Al Fama Restaurant, Le Cirque 2000, Mark Twersky, NYC

“They’re better than anything else on the shelf.  I want to share them with all my friends.” Sommelier, Chef, Julie Lerner, NYC

 “These cookies are so satisfying and provide lots of energy to keep going, they taste amazing and I love them.  I recommend them to all my friends and training partners.” Photographer, Tri-athlete, Mom, Marilyn White, Greenwich, CT

“It’s so hard to find nutritious cookies that taste homemade and so delicious.  I am so excited about these cookies.”  Family Physician, Mom, Susan Cohen, Greenwich, CT

“A great snack for after skiing or time spent outdoors.”  Ski Instructor, Betsy Carr, Stratton, VT

® City Girl Country Girl
Greenwich, CT